Rental homes for good

A happy Rawa Homes tenant in her kitchen with a cup of coffee

Build to Rent developments create communities where Kiwis can rent safe, healthy and warm homes long-term. This security of tenure promotes a sense of belonging, independence and well-being that trickles out to the community and beyond.

RAWA Homes works with various investors and partners to create these diverse, vibrant communities for people who can't or don't want to own a home.

Residential Development

Decades of combined experience

Our combined experience has seen us build and manage over 250 residential dwellings as part of regeneration projects in Auckland. Our close partnership with GJ Gardner Homes Group means we can access a trusted network of experienced contractors.

What is Build to Rent?

An increasing number of renters do not know how long they can continue living in their homes.

The Build to Rent concept changes that, offering secure, long-term homes purpose-built for Kiwi renters. Investors own shares in the development, not individual units, and properties are professionally managed.

This approach helps significantly improve the dedicated rental supply, especially in the kinds of homes most needed by the community. When people can afford to stay in their warm, dry homes long-term, it can improve community health and overarching wellbeing outcomes.

Build to rent