Macaulay Motors, Queenstown

Supporting South Island growth for Colonial Motor Group

New premises helped Macaulay Motors maintain its position as the largest motor vehicle dealership network in the South Island.

One of the largest motor vehicle dealership networks in the South Island, Macaulay Motors had seen significant growth in Otago and needed newer and bigger premises.

Its parent company and our longstanding partner, Colonial Motor Company (CMC), asked us to contribute our expertise.

RAWA secured a prime location in Queenstown’s new Five Mile retail centre, then oversaw all aspects of the design and build. We managed the building and resource consenting process and worked within the subdivision’s building design and signage constraints. Our designers factored in Queenstown’s wide-ranging temperatures with quality heating and cooling systems, good airflow, insulation and more. This ensured the office and workshop would be comfortable all year round.

Services delivered

  1. Established client objectives and parameters
  2. Conducted due diligence and site purchase
  3. Led space planning and concept development
  4. Procured design team
  5. Managed resource and building consents
  6. Oversaw the competitive tendering process
  7. Managed and administered the project and contract during construction and maintenance periods
  8. Handled project delivery and handover
  9. Monitored and managed post-completion

Project details

  1. Site area: 4,000m2
  2. Project duration: approx. 2 years
  3. Construction programme: 9 months

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