SouthPac Trucks Te Rapa, Hamilton

A 25-year partnership with Colonial Motor Company

Delivering the SouthPac Trucks service centre in Te Rapa is one in a long line of successful collaborations.

For more than 25 years, Colonial Motor Company (CMC) has turned to RAWA to manage complex projects and support its growth trajectory. SouthPac Trucks service centre in Te Rapa is one of many successful collaborations.

RAWA was the project manager throughout, overseeing all aspects of the design and build.

Services delivered

  1. Established client objectives and parameters
  2. Conducted due diligence and site purchase
  3. Led space planning and concept development
  4. Procured design team
  5. Managed resource and building consents
  6. Oversaw the competitive tendering process
  7. Managed and administered the project and contract during construction and maintenance periods
  8. Handled project delivery and handover
  9. Monitored and managed post-completion

Project details

  1. Site area: 10,000m2
  2. Project duration: approx. 2 years
  3. Construction programme: 7 months

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